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Our history

We are two friends who like to work in different non-standard places. We decided to share this passion with you and improve the shared workspace market in these exciting times!

Why now?

During the isolation due to COVID-19, it was fun to stay home with our thoughts for a while. At home, however, there are many distractions - children and family, as well as laziness and procrastination. This makes the home environment not efficient enough to work.

At the moment, it is still not completely safe to return to the hustle and bustle of the offices or normal collaring, but we have created a platform where you can find a quiet and secluded place to work on the outskirts of Sofia.


The platform unites people who want to share their quiet, pleasant and green yards and those who want to work from home. Well, not exactly from home, of course. And for the average price per day in conventional parking.

Why here?

Sofia is a bustling city full of digital and innovative people. That's why we decided to test our idea here!

Why us?

We have the passion, patience and enthusiasm to try! We tried to work in the park, in a cafe, on a bench, but it's not the same.

P.P. In the photo we are in the garden of one of our first hosts.

If you are a person who has a green and quiet garden and you want to meet new, young and interesting people - write to us, we will be happy to be one of our hosts!

If you are a person who is tired of working from home or an overcrowded office and you want to diversify in one day in a new and creative place - become one of our BumBammers!

At the moment, any feedback will be invaluable to us! Contact us.