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Yard Office, Suitable for teams (10+) Prices from lv20,00

Open-Air Dragalevtzi Coworking

Sofia, Dragalevtsi

Welcome to Open Air Dragalevtzi Coworking! 🏡


We are located in Dragalevtsi, Sofia.


The air is clean and fresh, calm and pleasant atmosphere that helps to raise energy, creativity and focus


The place has the possibility only for:

teamwork on 25 people;

corporate events over 25 people; (trainings, presentations)

informal gatherings and team building over 25 people.


We have: 

  • 50 chairs and 30+ tables.
  • current and power strips;
  • natural vine, coniferous and deciduous trees that keep shade;
  • access to bathroom / toilet;
  • full coverage of mobile operators;
  • 100 Mbps internet from WHOLE YARD!


Work places:

  • Arbor;
  • Porchway;
  • 5 separate corners for your teams


Also at your disposal are:

A fountain that raises productivity with its water sounds.

2 wells for cooling beers, soft drinks and fruit.


We have the opportunity for catering, lunch yoga sessions, DJ and others.

All chairs and tables can be moved freely in the yard if desired.


It is also allowed to bring your pet, if the pet can be controlled so that our flowers are not destroyed.



Price: BGN 20.00 / person

Opening hours: 8:00 - 23:30 

The location Е available through the weekends.



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